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Current Newsletter

We enjoyed another fun and successful hunting season in 2015. From spring turkey hunts, to summer prairie dog to late season mule deer we enjoyed good success and thank you to all 2015 hunting clients, as you were all a joy to have in camp. Do not hesitate to book your 2016 hunting trip now. These are the good old days with licenses available to all who want them for general deer hunting. (last few years there have been 1000 or more leftover licenses after the general draw) You could think about it for several more years, or maybe never do it, so "one of these days is today."

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all, and may 2016 be the best hunting season yet!!!

Randy Higgins
Outfitter--Musselshell Outfitters, LLC

Great Mule Deer Hunting

mule deer spot and stalk

Great mule deer and whitetail hunting, bow or rifle


"Hi Randy, just wanted to let you know we got home alright after a tire blew in North Dakota going 80 mph and to thank you for a good hunt. We had a great hunt even though we came home without an elk. I still feel bad about not finding that bull but we sure tried. If you ever find him would you let me know how far it was and where it died. Also am curious to know how many points it had. Dennis and I both agreed it was the best bow-hunt for elk we've been on! Thanks for everything. Jim "

Below is an email from a September 2012 archery elk hunter that we want share with you, as it clearly depicts the true experience of a free-ranging archery elk hunt with Musselshell Outfitters, LLC. 

Dear Randy,

First of all, I apologize for the delay in getting back to you; I meant to write this much sooner.

I just wanted to say that my hunt with you in 2012 was an unforgettable experience that I’ll remember the rest of my life. Many people define a hunt to be successful only after an animal is on the ground, I disagree. The time you, me, Marc and Karen spent together chasing bulls last year was truly extraordinary. 


I’ll never forget our encounter with the “one step bull” (as he’ll now always be remembered). I felt as though my heart was going to explode from the amount of adrenaline that had been dumped into my bloodstream as he bugled and thrashed trees just out of our sight. I can remember watching my arrow shaking uncontrollably as you continued to call him in. When he finally stepped into view, I remember how his ivory tips had such a beautiful contrast against the pines behind him. I secretly wondered at that moment if I’d actually have the strength to draw my bow…


As he marched closer to your seductive calling, I can remember him stopping at just 30 yards to let out a bugle that I thought would surely rattle my fillings. I slowly shifted my feet during his bugle and actually had the strength to draw my bow as his head passed behind a tree as he continued to close the distance. Now at full draw with my top pin floating on his chest, I needed him to take one more step for a clear shot at the sweet spot behind his shoulder. It felt like an eternity as I held my bow back and willed him to take one… more… step…


I could see everything in my mind. He would take the step; I would pick a spot behind his shoulder and squeeze the trigger on my release. I would watch my fletching’s disappear into his hide and hear the unmistakable sound of my arrow striking home. But that step never came.


Although I didn’t harvest an animal during my trip, I get to re-live that encounter (along with a few other close calls) whenever I close my eyes. I’d like to thank you for that.


I can truly say without a doubt you “busted your hump” for Marc, Karen and I and did everything in your power to make our hunt enjoyable. You had very long days and even shorter nights the entire week; all to accommodate our needs. There’s no doubt in my mind we’ll hunt together again soon. Thank you again Randy.


As we finish up our 2016 big game season, we look forward to the winter season with pheasant hunting, coyote calling, and winter lion hunting. We had a very enjoyable 2016 big game season. We had clients who took elk, mule deer, whitetail, prairie dog , coyote, pheasant, turkey, and more. It was a bountiful season with very mild weather. We add the memories of the hunt to our collection and look very forward to the new memories that will soon be made on upcoming hunts. We will add a few new pictures along the way.

As our 2017 fall big game season opens we are seeing some great bucks, both mule deer and whitetail. We will post some stories and pictures towards end of the season.

We finished of the 2017 Big Game Season and had a very enjoyable season with the taking of many nice mule deer, and whitetail. Thank you to all the wonderful clients who made our 25th season at Musselshell Outfitters such a success!!!  We had clients in 2017 who were on their very first hunt with us, as well as clients who have hunted with Musselshell Outfitters for 25 years!!!! We are looking very forward to spring turkey 2018 and fall 18 big game hunting season at this time. We are also having a lot of fun chasing mountain lion with hounds through the winter.

We are prepared and geared up for the 2019-20 big game seasons. We look forward to meeting all our new clients as well as our clients who have hunted with us for 25 years!!