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  • It is the responsibility of the hunter(s) to pattern their shotgun with the exact ammo that is to be used during this hunt. It is the responsibility of the hunter to pattern the shotgun and to know their effective kill range well before arriving on this hunt, to practice gun safety, and to NEVER point the muzzle in an unsafe direction. Careless muzzle control will not be tolerated and is grounds for immediate termination of the hunt with NO REFUNDS.

  • On a one-bird hunt, the hunter will be allowed two (2) chances to kill a gobbler. On a two-bird hunt, the hunter will be allowed a total of three (3) chances to kill two gobblers. A "chance" is defined as " anytime a hunter fires one or more shots at the same gobbler". Once the "chances" have been used up the turkey hunt is over but guest(s) are welcome to stay until the end of the hunt date and sightsee or relax.


This hunt is one of the best kept secrets in Montana! We have a great population of true Merriam's turkey in our area and you can take 1 or 2 birds in the spring. The birds here are not hybrids and most have a very white tipped fan and wing feathers. Over the past 31 years outfitting this area we have helped hundreds of clients take the beautiful Merriam's turkey and many have completed grand slams or world slams with us.

We have prime areas to hunt and have many gobblers located at any given time. On this hunt a client is free to call his or her own bird if they wish or we are always happy to call for you. Either way, we will get you from the camp to the best areas to hunt each day and will stay in the field all day to help you in any way we can. We can hunt turkeys all day in Montana which gives us 15 hours hunting time per day if needed. If hunters do not take a bird early in the mornings, then late afternoon and evenings can be a turkey hunters dream in this area. This is a very high success hunt in very unique turkey country. Many clients tell us that the Merriam's here are the most beautiful birds they have ever seen. On this hunt you will most likely see a large quantity of other game such as deer, elk, antelope,pheasant, and possibly bobcat as an added bonus. We offer this hunt as a 1 bird, 3 day hunt, or as a 2 bird, 3 day hunt.

On this hunt you would arrive on day 1, get settled into camp and have an evening meal. You would then have 3 full days to hunt. On the 1 bird, 3 day hunt you would get 4 nights lodging and 3 full days hunting. On the 2 bird, 3 day hunt, you would get 4 nights lodging and 3 full days hunting.



Spring Merriam's Turkey Details



  • Please call us for open 2024-2025 dates  

Licenses available over the counter any time during season. License cost is $115 per bird.

Total cost of hunt with meals, lodging, guide and transportation during hunt

1 bird 3-day hunt

$1800 - 2-4 hunters per guide (per person)
$2500 - 1 hunter per guide
 (per person)

2 bird 3-day hunt

$2400 - 2 hunters per guide (per person)
$3100 - 1 hunter per guide (per person)

Booking deposit required - $500

Balance of hunt due by April 1.


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