Our rifle deer hunts have produced 100% shooting opportunity in the past and we expect this will remain the same due to our excellent deer populations. We have had a 4 point rule on the ranches we hunt for many years. Our 4 point rule means that a deer must have 4 visible points on one side before it can be taken. This is not a State regulation but is our own rule to insure that we always have quality bucks to hunt. Our mule deer hunts are mostly a spot and stalk hunt. We do a lot of glassing until we spot a nice buck. We then put a stalk on the buck until we get close enough for a good shot. We also hunt food sources morning and evenings when we are seeing good bucks in the fields.

We have food sources such as alfalfa, grain fields, and rich native grasses that often concentrate mule deer into open fields morning and evening. We take mule deer from 20 to 28 inches in width each year. This is a very enjoyable hunt where you will see lots of animals and can be very selective. Our whitetail rifle hunt is conducted by hunting large food sources and by hunting travel routes between feeding and bedding areas. We also rattle for whitetail when conditions are right. Whitetail hunters will see a lot of deer and will have a good chance at taking a buck 140 inches or better. On a deer hunt we ask that clients book the hunt as either a mule deer or a whitetail hunt. This way we can make plans on where to spend our time according to your desired species. The deer license is good for either mule deer or whitetail so a client could take either species if the opportunity presented itself.

This hunt takes place in beautiful country and a hunter can be successful by walking very little or by walking all day long. In other words, it can be as physical as you want it to be. We do not "road hunt" but can set clients in locations where deer will travel through on a given day.

On this hunt you would arrive on day 1, get settled into camp and have an evening meal. You would hunt days 2, 3, 4, and 5 and depart on the morning of day 6 after a continental breakfast. This includes 5 nights lodging, all meals, and 4 days hunting. If you add antelope to the deer hunt you get an extra night and an extra days hunting.

If you are looking for an exciting mule deer or whitetail hunt in spectacular country with a very high opportunity rate, this is it!!!

Arrival dates for 2021


  • Fri Oct 23

  • Fri Oct 30

  • Fri Nov 6

  • Fri Nov 13 

  • Fri. Nov 20                                                                                                                          

General Deer License-- $580- deadline March 1

Total cost of hunt with meals, lodging, guide and transportation during hunt

$3300 - 2 hunters per guide (per person)
$4300 - 1 hunter per guide

$1250 - Add antelope and get 1 additional day to hunt and 1 additional nights lodging

Booking deposit required - $1000
Balance of hunt due by October 1