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On this hunt you would arrive on day 1, get settled into camp and have an evening meal. We would then look for a fresh lion track on days 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 (or until you take a lion) and depart on the morning of day 8 after continental breakfast. This hunt is different from the other hunts that we offer in that we are looking for track rather than looking for the animal that we are pursuing. Therefore the hunt is not physical until we find the track, then it can get physical quickly! We will be looking for a track from a snow-machine or from a pickup. 

This is one of the best adventures that can be found anywhere. We hunt lion with hounds on snow covered ground and specialize in taking big male lion. This does not guarantee that you will take a large tom, but we are prepared to hunt the entire hunt and you will not be expected to shoot a female or small lion unless you choose to. (females without kittens can be legally harvested if the quota is open for females in that area)

We hunt lion in an area that produces large Toms. We use a unique method for finding fresh lion tracks to put the hounds on. This is the most physical hunt that we offer. A client going on this hunt should spend time getting into the best physical condition possible and should know his or her limitations. It most likely will require a long walk in rough country to get to a treed lion. When you take a trophy lion there is no doubt that you will want to have it mounted or made into a rug. You will re-live the memories of the chase every time you look at it.

Winter Lion Details


Guaranteed lion permit, no draw. Deadline for lion permit is 5 days before you hunt lion!!! (new FWP regulation)
Permit cost $320

Total cost of hunt with meals, lodging, guide and transportation during hunt

$8500 1 hunter per guide

*We also have a package available for two hunters together where one hunter is hunting for a male, and the other hunter would be happy with a female. Contact us for details.

Booking deposit required $500
Balance of hunt due by November 1


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