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About Us

Your host and licensed outfitter for Musselshell Outfitters, LLC, Randy Higgins, has been hunting, trapping and fishing since the age of 5. 

Randy was lucky enough to work as a guide for two of the first licensed outfitters in the State of Montana before starting his own outfitting business in 1992. He also worked for several years in Yellowstone National Park as a trail guide and wrangler at the Roosevelt location. Randy has guided and / or outfitted well over 6000 clients on hunting trips. Randy lives year round in the area he outfits and no outfitter has operated in the area longer.

Musselshell Outfitters, LLC is committed to the conservation of natural resources. With more and more pressure being put on our natural resources every year, we realize the need for good resource management and conservation. Contrary to the belief of many local Montana residents, people who travel out of state to hunt put a lot of hard earned money into the local economy and into wildlife conservation. Musselshell Outfitters, LLC wishes to thank all hunting clients, past, present and future, for putting time and money into Montana's local economy, and for putting time and money into natural resource conservation. You are very much appreciated. Legitimate licensed outfitters were the first conservationists, they had to be, because their livelihood depended on it, and still does. This is our 31ST year of providing world-class hunting adventures.

We are full time, year-round, licensed Montana Outfitters. We offer quality hunting trips for serious hunters and have been on National TV many times. We do not advertise on social media and we do not do "reels". We book the majority of our trips through "word of mouth". With hundreds of references, we are professional outfitters and guides. You will not find an outfitter who will work harder to make your trip a success. We cannot guarantee game to any one as we offer free range fair chase hunting. The best "guarantee" that you can get on a free-ranging hunt is booking with an outfitter that has the experience of hosting thousands of hunting clients over the past three decades and by booking with a service that has taken quality animals for its clients in the long run.





Our hunting guests are called to breakfast well before daylight each morning of the hunt. After breakfast each hunter is asked to make a lunch from items placed on the counter. This way each guest can make as many or as few sandwiches as they wish and can put exactly what they want on each sandwich. Some items placed on the counter each day include fresh bread, turkey, ham, cheese, peanut butter, jelly, mayonnaise, mustard, apples, oranges, chips, granola bars, cookies and other items. After lunch is packed and you are ready to leave, you will meet your guide at the 4x4 rig. You will then go with your guide to the area assigned by your outfitter. Your guide will spend the day with you in pursuit of the desired game. Your guide will keep you in the field all day unless you request to go back to camp early.

Methods of hunting depend on whether you are hunting with a bow or rifle and the game you are looking for. Hunting methods will also change with the weather and the time of year you are here. For your best chance of success, do exactly what your guide tells you to do. All of our guides are licensed by the state and know what they are doing. We train all our guides to fit our operation. All guides spend considerable time scouting game in the pre-season and all know the country. We never put incompetent people in the field and call them guides. You will find your guide easy-going, but serious about the hunt. If we think that you are doing something, or failing to do something, that may be hurting your chances of success, we will tell you. It is then up to you to decide whether to take action or not. As professional hunters we do not allow ANY alcohol to be consumed during the day unless you choose not to hunt that particular day. Drinking alcohol at noon means that you are finished hunting for the day. Drinking alcohol responsibly after the day's hunt is permitted.


Our hunting camp is located 60 miles northeast of Billings Montana in the Bull Mountains. Our camp is nestled into a canyon on private land and sits at 3200 feet in elevation. We can drive into our camp and do not need horses. We have one room bunkhouse cabins that sleep 4-8 clients each. We have a separate cabin adjacent to the sleeping cabins that consist of showers, sinks, and bathrooms. We have a lodge where clients relax and enjoy large buffet style meals. High speed wireless internet is available in the camp at no extra charge to all clients. All our packages include the evening meal the day you arrive and continental breakfast the morning you depart our camp. Our clients always look forward to meal time after a long days hunt. Smoking is not permitted in the cabins, but there are smoking areas at the entrance of each building. This allows hunters to stay scent-free if they wish and allow smokers and non-smokers to get along well in this camp. This is not a camp where the outfitter is absent for most or the entire hunt - your outfitter is always in camp or in the field guiding. The outfitter has to be there to make it happen....count on it at this camp! 


We hunt private land in the Bull Mountains in hunting districts 590, 530, 513, 540, and 700. There is very little public land in the Bull Mountains and most of the land is privately owned. We use pickups and SUV's for transportation during most of the hunts. We do not use horses as private ranch roads will get us into the general area that we wish to hunt, then we hunt on foot.

This area is loaded with game. From huge elk to antelopemuledeer, whitetail, Merriam's turkey, pheasant, lion and prairie dogs the Bull Mountains has quantity and quality. Elevation is from 3000 to 4500 feet in elevation. Terrain consists of ponderosa pine trees, and vast rim-rock canyons. Feed is abundant with irrigated fields along the Musselshell River as well grains and high protein native grasses. The old time mountain men spent winters in this area feeding off the huge buffalo herds and enjoying the mild weather compared to the higher mountains. We spend a lot of time and money finding the best places to hunt for each species we offer. You can see the quality of animals that this country produces on the photo gallery.

If you are interested in a quality hunt in Montana contact us and we will be happy to discuss all details and options.

***Musselshell Outfitters

Fort Musselshell Outfitters

Musselshell River Outfitters

These business names are all registered with the State of Montana by Musselshell Outfitters. We are the only business that can legally use these names. Anyone else using these names or using these names as "metatags" to promote their website, are using them ILLEGALLY. We are the only Musselshell Outfitters in Montana and we are not affiliated with anyone else who has used our name in the past.

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