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On this hunt you would arrive on day 1, get settled into camp and have an evening meal, hunt days 2, 3, 4, and depart on day 5 after a continental breakfast. This includes 4 nights lodging with all meals, and 3 days hunting. This is a very exciting hunt alone or in combination with deer. The rifle antelope hunt takes place in wide open country with very few trees.

Do not mistake open country for flat country! This country can hide hundreds of animals due to the deep coulees, and the natural contours of the terrain. This is the same type country where General Custer underestimated what the wide open terrain can hide. This country is great for spotting and stalking antelope. A hunter should be prepared to shoot from 200 yards to 400 yards if possible. If a client only feels comfortable shooting out to 300 yards, then we will work at getting closer.

An antelope hunter should also practice shooting with "shooting sticks" as a solid rest. The taller shooting sticks are best where you are shooting off your knee or standing up. This way your bullet will clear the sage brush and the crest of the hill that is hiding you from the antelope! Over the past years outfittting for antelope we have had clients take antelope from 12 inches to 16 inches in horn length. Mass is also important when looking for a nice antelope. Most of the antelope in this area have average to great mass. You can expect to see antelope of all sizes, but patience, hunting hard, and shooting straight will give you the best chances at a bigger antelope. This is a very enjoyable hunt in breath-taking country. 



Rifle Antelope Details

Arrival dates for 2024




Antelope license is obtained through a drawing.

Cost of license is $205. License deadline is June 1.

Total cost of hunt with meals, lodging, guide and transportation during hunt

$2500 - 2 hunters per guide (per person)
$3200 - 1 hunter per guide

Booking deposit required- $500

Balance of hunt due by October 1

*Since you must draw a license to hunt antelope in Montana there is a chance you may not draw a license the first year. If you do not draw the first year you would add a preference point and apply the following year. We would not refund the deposit but would apply the deposit to the year you draw the license (client must apply each year for the license). The antelope hunt cost would stay the same as when you book the hunt. The majority of our clients have drawn the license the first year they applied over the past 32 years.


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